2019-2020 Winter CSA

December - April


How Does it work?

You pay $450.00 for a whole CSA membership or $225.00 for a 1/2 CSA membership in exchange for 5 share boxes(example boxes are listed below), picked up the 1st week of each month December through April.

Every 1st week of the month, starting the 1st week in December through the 1st week in April, your CSA share box will be available for pick up at your selected location. Your pickup time will vary based on your pickup location (please reference location options).

In addition to your share  box, we will also have extra items available to purchase.  These extras include pork items not included in your bundle for that week and seasonal greens. Chris and Tanea (your farmers) will be at every pickup; sharing stories from the farm, answering questions, and talking about favorite recipes, many of which will be included in your CSA share.

The final sign up date is October 1st, 2019 or until sold out

(To ensure that all of our CSA members receive their requested Ham Roast size for their December share need size requests/total number of members before we process the last of our fall pigs in October. THANK YOU for your early commitment & support!)

2019-2020 Winter Pork CSA 1/2 Share
225.00 250.00
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2019-2020 Winter Pork CSA Share
450.00 500.00
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***To finalize purchase, please fill out the required personal and card information.

*** If you would like to purchase by cash or check, please email us directly at owner@stirringsoilfarm.com

Pickup Location Options

Topeka , Happy Basset Brewing Company, 6044 SW 29th St,  every 1st Tuesday of the month @ 5:30PM - 8PM

Berryton , Stirring Soil Farm, 6542 SE 77th St. every 1st Wednesday of the month @ 4PM - 6:30PM

Example Shares

Listed below are examples of a 1/2 share CSA season. Items that you can expect that are not listed in the examples below are: Bone In Boston Butt Roast(3.5 - 4#), Half Rack Spare Ribs(1.25#), Ham Hocks, Kettle Rendered Leaf Lard, fresh sliced side, and Broth Bones, Liver, & Leaf lard. We will provide some options so that your share is always filled with your preferred items.

 Examples of whole Shares (average of 12lbs per box)

A 1/2 Share will have an average of 6 lbs per box

December Share Box

1 Brown Sugar Cured Ham Roast (6.5 - 8 #)

2 Breakfast Sausage (1# ground tubes)

Shoulder Steaks(1.5 #)

Brown Sugar Cured Ham Hocks(2.5#)

February Share Box

1 Shoulder Roast (4.75+#)

4 Bone In Center Cut Chops (2 per pack , 3.25+lbs)

1# Fresh Kielbasa(4 links)

2# Ground Pork ( in 1# tube)

1# Brown Sugar Cured Jowl Bacon

January Share Box  

4 Bone Country Style Rib Roast (2.25+ lbs)

4 Bone In Center Cut Chops (3 #)

2# Apple Bratwurst (4 links)

1# Brown Sugar Cured Belly Bacon

2# Breakfast Sausage Mild or Hot( in 1# tube)


April Share Box

Whole Rack Spare Ribs ( bone, 4.5#)

4 Bone In Center Cut Chops (2 per pack, 3+lbs)

2 Fresh Sliced Side(Belly, 1#)

1 Brown Sugar Cured Ends (1#)

2 Brown Sugar Cured Ham Steaks (2.25#)

March Share Box

1 Brown Sugar Cured Belly Bacon (1#)

1 Boston Butt Roast (5+lbs)

2 Bone In Center Cut Chops (1.5#)

2 Italian Sausage(4 links, 1# packs)

2 Ground Pork (in 1# tubes)