Custom Pig Reservations 

NOW ACCEPTING Deposits for November 2019 Delivery

Our 1/2 or whole pig pricing is based on the hanging weight of our pig that is processed for you. We typically process for a 90-100lbs hang weight on a 1/2 pig or a 180-200lbs hang weight on a whole pig. The total amount of packaged meat that you receive will vary greatly based on how you choose to cut it.(If you choose to get a lot of sausage or brown sugar cure the hams, belly, & jowl you will get less meat back than if you do all fresh cuts.)Typically the customers that have ordered custom pigs from us get 65-80lbs of packaged meat for 1/2 pig or 140-160lbs of packaged meat for whole pigs.

Different than other farmers we include

processing cost & delivery in our price per pound.

We choose to offer it this way for a few reasons:

1) ensuring our pigs have a high quality of life is our top priority, so we only use Paradise Meat Locker outside of KC(they have 3 different Animal Welfare Alliance certificates)

2) We understand that to pick up at Paradise would be less convenient to our customers & it is important to us that we are creating easy access to ethically raised, antibiotic free, NONGMO, Heritage pastured pork.

3)Sometimes cut sheet pricing is very confusing, often when meat is picked up at the processor the bill seems too high. Let us offer our expertise in this matter by taking the guessing out of the price.

4) We know that all the fresh market cuts that we love & sell through our farm, farmer's market, & our pork CSA don't always fit everyone's preferences. By custom cutting you pig you will have the choice of thickness & type of every cut, you can even custom pick the number of cuts per package.

Our price per pound for a 1/2 a custom pig is $6.00/lb

Our price per pound for a whole a custom pig is $5.50/lb

Since processing is included in the price you save big by buying bulk on items such as Bacon, Ribs, Tenderloin, Hams, Ham Steaks, Sausage, Chops, & fresh Belly. In addition to saving money & getting cuts back just the way you like them, you also have the option to keep unique items like feet, whole head(whole pig only), bones, liver, heart, leaf lard(for baking) & back fat (for cooking oil).

How it works:

1) You put down a $300.00 deposit for a 1/2 pig or a $600.00 deposit for a whole pig.

Payment is made in person by card, cash, or check OR by clicking the link at the bottom of this page.

2) If you would like to choose the exact pig that will be custom cut for you we are happy to have you out for a farm visit to do so! (also if you have a preference in gender)

3) We will call to confirm our scheduled processing date with you 1 month before you will receive your delivered custom cut 1/2 or whole pig. At this time we will also fill out your custom cut sheet with you. We then place the cut sheet order with the processor (hopefully eliminating any confusion/questions you or the processor may have).

4) We will call you to inform you of your total price & confirm delivery time/date 2 weeks before you will receive your delivered custom cut 1/2 or whole pig(your price quote is the price per pound times the hanging weight of your pig that is remaining after applying your deposit to the total cost. Our processor calls us with hang weights the day we bring your pig in, there will be a 2-week turn around time for you finished packaged pork to be ready for delivery.

5)We deliver & unload your custom cut pig! Included with your delivery is a copy of your cut sheet from the processor which itemizes all of the cuts by the number of packages of each type.

Thank You ! Thank you for supporting how we steward our land & raise our animals.

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