2019 Summer CSA

June- October

***To finalize purchase, please fill out the required personal and card information.

*** If you would like to purchase by cash or check, please email us directly at owner@stirringsoilfarm.com

Pickup Location Options

Once a month share members pickup on the 1st Tuesday, Wednesday, or Saturday(time & day vary based on selected location) of the month.

Topeka , Happy Basset Brewing Company, 6044 SW 29th St,  every 1st & 3rd Tuesday of the month @ 5:30PM - 8PM

Topeka, Downtown Topeka's Farmers Market, 1201 SW Van Buren St, every  1st & 3rd Saturday of the month @ 7AM -11AM

On the Farm, Stirring Soil Farm, 6542 SE 77th St Berryton KS, every 1st & 3rd Wednesday of the month @ 4PM-7PM


Example Shares

Listed below are examples of share boxes that you will receive each month. Items that you can expect that are not listed in the examples below are: Country Style Ribs(1.75#), Half Rack Spare Ribs(1.25#), Shoulder Roast(3#), Kettle Rendered Leaf Lard, and Brown Sugar Cured Bacon Ends . We will provide exchange options so that your share box is always filled with your preferred items.


June Share Box

6-8 Bone In Center Cut Chops (5 #)

1# Fresh Kielbasa (4 links)

1# Brown Sugar Cured Belly Bacon

August Share Box

Whole Rack Spare Ribs ( bone, 3.5#)

1# Apple Bratwurst (4 links)  

2# Ground Pork ( in 1# tube)

1# Brown Sugar Cured Jowl Bacon

July Share Box

2# Shoulder Steaks (2 steaks)

2# Breakfast Sausage Mild or Hot( in 1# tube)

1 Country Style Ribs (1.75+ # , 4-bones)

1 Fresh Sliced Side (1#)


October Share Box

4 Shoulder Steaks(3+ #)

1# Apple Bratwurst (4 links)  

1 #Brown Sugar Cured Bacon Ends

2# Breakfast Sausage Mild or Hot (1# tubes)

September Share Box

1 Bone In Boston Butt Roast (3.5 - 4#)

1# Italian Sausage(4 links)

2 Brown Sugar Cured Ham Steaks (1.75#)

Center Cut Chops (1.5#)