Stirring Soil farm is an organically and biodynamically practicing farm in the Osage Questas of Northeastern Kansas.


Our Missouri Mulefoot Pigs spend their whole life on our farm. Born on our diverse pasture (seeded with forage like beets, kale, peas, buckwheat,ect.), our pigs spend their whole life feasting on good bacteria & bugs in our soils, chomping down cover crops, tilling in the remains of harvested vegetable fields, exploring the shaded tree lines seeded with brassicas & root crops, wallowing in the cool mud, or just chillin in their mobile  shelters. Our pigs are moved to fresh diverse pasture every 10-14 days based on impact which provides much of their diet. In addition to pasture, our pigs receive a twice daily fermented hand mixed mash of Happy Basset Brewing Co’ s spent brewer’s grain, locally grown nonGMO certified feed, additional diatomaceous earth, & hardwood charcoal. 

“We are truly grateful for the nutrition that our pork gives our community and we show that gratitude to our pigs every day of their life.”

Our 20 acres of farmland is biodnamically & organically tended. Our farm is a living organism where the rotation of diverse cover crops, Missouri Mulefoot/Largeblack Pigs, native grass pastures, Heritage Chickens, and annual open pollenated heirloom vegetables awaken & mineralize our soils. The planning and rotation of plants & animals is always in rhythm with our earth's natural cycles using the Biodynamic calendar as our guide. In addition to the rhythmic rotations, we apply Demeter (Biodynamic) Certified preparations provided by the Josephine Porter Institute. 

Our OP heirloom vegetables are custom grown for the incredible KC chefs that we work with. Pork CSA share members are given any additional abundance from the vegetable fields on our "take what you will use table" at CSA share pickups. 

Our eggs are laid by heritage breed chickens that are rotated over our entire farm. Our diverse pasture & old veggie fields provide much of their diet while incorporating their fertility into the soil.  They also receive fermented organic alfalfa, organic grains, & brewer's grain.